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Derryquay National School is a catholic school under the patronage of the Catholic Bishop of Kerry. The school models and promotes a philosophy inspired by belief in God and traditional Catholic values.  We promote religious education for the pupils in accordance with the doctrines, practices and ethos of the catholic church.



This policy has been implemented in response to the necessity to accommodate the likely influx of ‘new Irish’ of other faiths into the school community over the coming years.


Relationship to school ethos:

This school enrols pupils of the faiths or no faith in the school subject to full enrolment criteria and respects their beliefs and practices in accordance with the school ethos of inclusivity.


School Procedures:

Every child is welcome into the school having satisfied enrolment procedures, but the school cannot undertake to educate children of other faiths in their own faith.  The Board of Management and teachers have adopted the Alive-O Programme approved and recommended by the Irish hierarchy for use in catholic schools.  This programme is delivered each day for the recommended 30 minutes .During this time pupils of other faiths can work at other curriculum areas under supervision.  The programme is taught to each class.  All Catholic feasts are celebrated.


  • Christmas – tree and cribs, Christmas Stories, Carol services, visit to local nursing homes to entertain patients

  • Feast of St. Brigid – making traditional crosses

  • Feast of St. Patrick – depiction of story and shamrock, St. Patrick’s Day Cards, entry in St. Patrick’s Day parade

  • Lent – Symbols of repentance, visit of local clergy to school to school to distribute ashes

  • Easter – Easter cards, story of the death of Jesus and resurrection, artwork and workbooks

  • Observance of Holy Days of Obligation

  • Celebration of the closing of school year with school mass

  • Family masses throughout the year


Liturgical Celebrations:

The whole school celebrates the sacraments of Confirmation and First Communion.  Confirmation is celebrated in St. John’s Church, Tralee.  Children receive their First Holy Communion in Curraheen Church.  Children are prepared thoroughly in all aspects of these sacraments by the individual class teachers in keeping with the Catholic ethos of the school. 




Teacher input:

In this school the following areas are covered;


  • In-service on delivering Alive-O programme

  • Study of Alive-O Teachers Guide

  • Prayer Services

  • Nativity plays

  • Carol Services


Success Criteria:


  • An acknowledged sense of God, Faith prayer and worship within the school community

  • Respect for all with in the school community

  • Parental interest

  • Recognisable links between home, school and parish


Rules and Responsibilities



  • Deliver Alive-O Programme

  • Cooperate with Chaplain/Parish and diocesan advisers

  • Avail of In-Service support

  • Actively support the ethos of the school


Parents - Support the school during times of sacramental preparation and assist at home with Religious Education homework


Principal - Facilitates supportive interaction between all parties in implementing the programme


Review:  This policy was reviewed in November 2011 and will be reviewed again in September 2014 or before if the need arises. 






Chairperson BOM


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